Momoiro Clover/Momoiro Clover Z's Review on New Songs
  • March 2013
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    Well guys, here i'm going to give my review about the new releases of Momokuro
    Fell free on recomending songs to review /love
  • March 2013
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    I'm going to post again the review about Neo STARGATE for those that doesn't see it

    I think is good /love


    Hahahahaha /rofl i'm just kidding.

    Well, first of all: What an AWESOME VIDEO!!, That kind of "Re-birth" concept always make a big impact on everybody's mind and the tipe of mask... WOW!
    completely satisfact. The colors and the starship, i got gusebumps!

    Now, about the track:
    A big surprise from momoclo using elements from dubstep like the snares, that snare is more rubber and it has the Whop-Whops, also from Drum and Bass like the tempo, if you look in the internet for Australian-British band "Pendulum", that kind of tempo (Momoclo's) is like Pendulum's tempo also the big beat at the beginning and the rest of the song. And at the end is dubstep's tempo, beat-snare-beat and then returning with the original tempo

    The choir voices and the little distortion in the girl's voices make more futuristic this song, and what about the girls, as always good afination, good coordination and GREAT concept.

    in conclution: FIVE STARS SONG!

    good candidate for Dario's remix /love , i'm going to wait for acapellas, tabs and more and then i would let me go /love2

    If you want more reviews for the songs, i'll make a thread focusing on reviewing momoclo's songs
  • April 2013
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    I'm going to post more reviews on Momoclo's new songs from the album 5TH DIMMENSION very soon
    Now, i'm on break because i almost finish the high school /nyahaha