Brief explanation about using this forum
  • eyelesseyeless
    February 2014
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    The basic standard page for forums, have all the category you can access. Whenever you're inside a topic, there's category list on the right side.

    This is something I will access the most, contains all the new posts from all topics. Some sort of all unread messages from the old forum

    Facebook inside this forum, that's all I can say

    Private messaging

    BBCode or HTML
    I change my mind, use BBCode instead of HTML here

    Videos Embedding
    Not much to do, just paste the link and it will embed. Currently support youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and youku.

    URL SEO friendly
    One of the cool feature from this forum, but it's better not to use foreign character on topic title. For some reason it can be a problem sometimes.

    Mobile version
    Now available, we can browse this forum conveniently on mobile devices.

    Full HTML5
    Using a lot of ajax, less page refresh