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  • April 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: This is Sazae-san ♪
    Posted on 2014-04-29 06:33:33

    Thank you
    for all your smiles and power during those 3 days! (*>∀<*)<br />
    The venue was really bright, so I could see every single face so clearly
    Everyone was dressed differently ♪
    And holding different things ♪

    Everyone was showing us their best smiles
    And delivering their voices to us

    So I was also at MAX energy ☆

    I ended up giving my all
    and spending the best time with everyone (*・Θ-*)

    To all who couldn't come,
    I hope you'll enjoy yourself a little
    when you look at the photos we're going to upload (*^^*)


  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Japan TV Hijack (*・Θ-*)
    Posted on 2014-05-01 23:09:42

    It's already May~ ♪

    This season will be full of green de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

    It's been getting warmer day by day
    But the nights are still cold
    So everyone~ take care not to catch a cold (*・Θ-*)

    And so, it's been a long time
    Shall I upload some off-shots here? (* ̄ー ̄*)

    For soup
    Can you feel the girlish~♪ feeling-??

    For QJ
    it's a more mature style (*’-’).:*:゜☆

    Eh? But I look about the same?! (`・Θ・´) Hey!!!

    And then, Momokaburi during Teletama~ (^m^)

    And then
    For the whole day tomorrow
    Momoclo will hijack Japan TV for the entire day ☆

    We'll be travelling around the entire day
    in Japan TV- ♪

    So~ Everyone-
    Make sure you're locked on to Japan TV all day tomorrow!!!
    Please support us (*`・Θ・´*)

    Mama says "But my HDD~"
    and she's so troubled over it (laugh)

    By the way, here's our TV performance schedule for the next week

    2 May (Fri) "Oha!4" Japan TV 4:00~5:50
    2 May (Fri) "ZIP!" Japan TV 5:50~8:00
    2 May (Fri) "Kyupii 3-minute cooking" Japan TV 11:45~11:55
    2 May (Fri) "Warau kami-sama wa totsuzen ni..." Japan TV 19:00~19:56
    2 May (Fri) "Friday RoadSHOW! Akumu-chan Special" Japan TV 21:00~22:54
    2 May (Fri) "Tokyo Himajin ~TOKYO hi-IMAGINE~" Japan TV 26:58~27:43
    3 May (Sat) "MUSIC FAIR" Fuji TV 18:00~18:30
    3 May (Sat) "MTV VMA 2013 Main Show" MTV 20:00~22:30
    3 May (Sat) "Movie Akumu-chan Opening Commemoration Gouka Cast Bucchake Talk SP" Japan TV Plus 20:00~20:30
    3 May (Sat) "COUNT DOWN TV" TBS 24:58~25:53
    5 May (Mon) "Tegetege" MBC South Japan 19:00~19:55
    7 May (Wed) "Ichiban Song SHOW" Japan TV 19:00~19:56
    7 May (Wed) "Momoiro Clover Z MUSIC VIDEO SPECIAL" SSTV 19:00~20:00
    7 May (Wed) "HOT WAVE" Teletama 23:30~24:00
    10 May (Sat) "Meringue no kimochi" Japan TV 12:00~13:30
    10 May (Sat) "JA Zennou COUNTDOWN JAPAN" TOKYO FM 13:00~13:55
    11 May (Sun) "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" Fuji TV 23:15~23:45

    Please use this as reference- (*・Θ-*)

    Today's BGM is, of course, "Naitemo iin da yo" ♪






  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Greenery day
    Posted on 2014-05-04 13:48:59

    It's here again-!
    Greenery day ♪
    Even though I already dress up in green every single day (*^Θ^*)

    Even my private daily life is full of green de-ariyasu! (*>∀< *)

    When I put on my green checked shirt today
    I felt like a Momonofu for an instant (^m^)

    Everyone, if you can
    Do dress up in green today- (*・Θ-*)

    Today's BGM is Zenryoku shoujo



  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Thank you, everyone (*・Θ-*)
    Posted on 2014-05-04 23:06:53

    was the 13th anniversary of my granny's death
    so I went to Kyoto~

    I haven't been to Kyoto since O-Bon last year ♪

    Mama also says that she like Tokyo more than Kyoto,
    but personally, I like Kyoto more- ( ^ω^ )

    I seldom get to visit, except when I go with my family
    So I hope to get a chance in the future to go and see the sights with my friends! ♪

    Ahh--- I want to go on a vacation somewhere- ♪

    I'm sure everywhere will be beautiful right now, when all the greenery (*^^*)

    Is everyone's towns overflowing with green too~?!

    the image of the sea of green penlights at Kokuritsu kept surfacing in my mind
    and I'm drowning in happiness de-ariyasu (*>∀<* )<br />
    I hope the image
    can reach up to granny in heaven... ☆

    (Today's BGM is Oda-san's Midori no machi ♪)



  • dmkdmk
    May 2014
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    OMG Momoka's weed be good together shirt, I suddenly love her 10x more
  • MrGoatMrGoat
    May 2014
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    ^ Haha, yeah. This was my comment from the Momoka's pic thread :p
    MrGoat said:

    Anyone notice Momoka's shirt on her blog post?
    I wasn't expecting that! I just fell in love with her even more. :x She has very cleverly managed to wear green on greenery day. :p Doesn't really fit with the idol image but Momoka has always been the most fashionable and cutting edge with clothing so there you have it, i'm still shocked. All i can say is Momoka gets more and more awesome by the day and i didn't even think it was possible. Don't ever change Momoka! :)>-

    I didn't know it said 'together' at the bottom, just thought it was 'weed be good' :p
  • dmkdmk
    May 2014
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    Ah lol maybe I should have posted in the other thread, not sure if this is just for her blogs or not. I'm just assuming it says weed be good together because I've seen a shirt with that written on it before, but both are true =P I always read Momoka saying how much music resonates within her, I wonder if she's tried listening under the influence, that takes it to a whole new level lol. As an idol, she probably hasn't though.
  • MrGoatMrGoat
    May 2014
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    ^ Definitely not. :p
  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Don't stop me now!!
    Posted on 2014-05-09 00:38:20

    "Naitemo iin da yo"
    is released today (*・Θ-*)

    Thanks to everyone who bought it- ♪

    Anyway, since 2 days ago...
    We've been to many different places

    to meet with everyone- =3=3=3

    We didn't have the chance to announce these trips beforehand
    But there were many who still managed to get the information
    It made us really happy de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

    I hope to hold concerts in many of these places again
    And to travel to even more locations
    To meet with lots more people
    So to everyone who we haven't met yet, look forward to seeing us (*・Θ-*)

    Ah! When I got home,
    I found out that Papa really went to get the flying-get CD yesterday
    He does this every time, and here's a photo of the CDs (laugh)





  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Mama---!! (>Θ< )
    Posted on 2014-05-11 23:20:57

    As it's Mother's Day today
    Ariyasu decided to cook a meal for her as a present~ ♪

    Well, that was the plan,
    but after that Momoclo-chan episode...
    I don't feel like cooking... (-_-;)

    So our entire family
    decided to go to Mama's favourite
    okonomiyaki/grill house restaurant that we frequently visit- ♪

    The store manager
    even brought out a special Mother's Day cake as a gift for Mama
    but Momoka and Papa stole some bites before Mama even had a taste
    and the store manager told us off (⌒-⌒; )

    I'll work hard so that I can cook at least one good dish
    for the next Mother's Day- (*`・Θ・´*)

    Today's BGM
    is Mama's favourite, Mr Children's Lalala~ ♪





  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: So happy! (*>∀< *)
    Posted on 2014-05-14 13:54:14

    No.1 on Oricon Weekly ☆

    To everyone who has already sent in their congrats~ Thank you (*^^*)

    I'm just so unbelievably happy! (*>∀<*)<br />
    This is everyone's effort,
    so I want to share the happiness with everyone! (*’-’*)

    Yaa-------------y ♪♪♪♪♪

    And then ♪ And then ♪
    Something else that's been making me really happy recently
    is how I can hear "Naitemo iin da yo" playing non-stop
    in all the stores I've visited these days ☆

    I never imagined such a day would come,
    so this just makes me feel like cryingggg~ (*T T*)

    Ah! It's ok to cry!! Right?
    I'm sure everyone will retort... (・Θ・)

    It'll be great if our songs
    can reach out to everyone like this throughout the city ♪

    And, Momoclo's 6th Anniversary will be here soon too
    It's really by everyone's support that we've managed to come so far
    Ahh--- I'm just so grateful de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

    I hope I can deliver some of this gratitude
    during this weekend's Ustream 24 hours (*’-’*)

    Ah! I can't fall asleep this time! (`・Θ・´)

    Lastly, I've heard that there are some concerts planned
    So look forward to hearing about those- ♪

    The week is half over!!
    Let's work hard at work and in school today too-! (*`・Θ・´*)


  • May 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: 17 May ☆ Momoclo's 6th Anniversary (*>∀< *)
    Posted on 2014-05-17 01:51:27

    Thank you for all the congratulatory messages regarding our Weekly No.1-♪

    And thanks to everyone who watched
    VS Arashi, Bokura no ongaku, zip and PON! (*>∀< *)

    Today, miwaclo
    performed "Miracle" together
    And it made me remember the summer of last year de-ariyasu (*’-’*)

    I really think it's awesome,
    how music has the magical power of bringing people back in time .:*:゜☆

    And so and so, this live broadcast will end on 17 May

    Congrats on Momoclo's 6th Anniversary ☆☆☆☆☆☆

    Is everyone asleep?
    Aarin and (Aari~~~n ♪)
    all the Mononofu in Japan

    Let's all celebrate together tomorrow--- (*>∀< *)

    Ustream 24hours!!

    I'll be sleeping lots tonight
    So everyone, try to get as much sleep as possible until 6pm- (laugh)

    Ahh- But I'm still somehow
    Stuck in the high from Bokura no ongaku
    I hope I can fall asleep~...

    Yes yes,
    Nadeshiko Japan have won
    Ah! And Maa-kun continues his winning streak
    There's just so much to be excited about
    Hot time ho time!!!

    I really don't feel like falling asleep...

    This is bad, this is bad
    I need to sleep soon! (`・Θ・´)

    Everyone, go to bed early-

    And let's meet in our dreams-! ♪

    Ciao (*・Θ-*)






    Misa's note:
    1. Nadeshiko Japan is the Japan women's national football team.
  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Refreshed after deep sleep (* ̄ー ̄*)
    Posted on 2014-05-20 00:00:02

    Thanks to everyone
    who watched the 24-hour Ustream- ♪

    For those who came for the live from faraway,
    and those who watched in their homes,
    did everyone get a good rest after that to get back their energy??

    I had a deep sleep
    and am full of energy today- ☆

    Do we sleep better when we're tired?
    Because I totally can't remember dreaming...

    But if I really had any dreams
    I'm sure it would have been about being in a concert with everyone (*^Θ^*)

    The 24-hour Ustream
    allows everyone to see the raw side of Momoclo
    and it's a little embarrassing to do this every year...

    Oh well, I shouldn't be so bothered by it (laugh)

    In the future,
    I'll be fuzzy with piidapuu de-ariyasu (* ̄Θ ̄*)

    So! ♪Those 2 days served as a reconfirmation of
    the happiness of being surrounded by Mononofu and the staff's love

    And Momoclo is 6 years old ☆

    It's something I personally look forward to
    So we'll all take a step together, then another step
    While keeping those feelings in hand
    We'll progress together (*’-’*)

    Today's BGM is Fujifabric-san's LIFE ♪







    Misa's notes:
    1. I have no idea what Momoka meant with the sentence "I'll be fuzzy with piidapuu de-ariyasu". But she used the phrase during the 24-hour Ustream. When costume staff Yonemura teased her about jumbling words and Momoka called her "piidapuu (ピーだプー)".
  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Hyuu hyuu ♪
    Posted on 2014-05-21 11:30:18

    In a previous entry,
    I made a mistake. It's not the 6th Anniversary, but the 7th...
    To get such an important thing wrong... Sorry sorry (^Θ^;)

    Then, "piidapuu"
    doesn't have any special meaning- ☆

    I was just being wilful (*・Θ-*)

    Ah! And then
    The Mononofu being happy
    brings me the greatest joy- ☆

    I LOVE MONONOfU (*>∀< *)

    Hyuu hyuu ♪

    I just suddenly feel like screaming it out (laugh)

    Today's BGM is Mr.Children's Happy song ♪



  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Swinging (@д@)
    Posted on 2014-05-27 10:49:20

  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Sheep
    Posted on 2014-05-30 20:25:26

  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Sheep and mixed fried sticks (・Θ・)
    Posted on 2014-06-02 00:12:39

  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: What day is it today~? (?Θ?)
    Posted on 2014-06-04 13:32:49

  • June 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Familiar days
    Posted on 2014-06-07 23:15:05

  • July 2014
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    Ariyasu Momoka: Happy delivery ☆
    Posted on 2014-06-11 00:17:47