August 5, 2009 Oricon 11 Ranking Announcement
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    I'm new here, so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum!

    Maybe someone can help me find some information...

    On August 5th, 2009 Momoclo announced their number 11 ranking in the Oricon charts at a Yamada store concert. There is even a video of it on Youtube:

    My question is whether someone might know if this video is from a larger TV program or documentary or documentation of the concert? I'm very interested to view the entire event, or at least know more about it.

    I'm very grateful for any assistance or guidance you might have.

    Thank you!

  • asan
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    You linked the agency's official channel, so this is likely the raw tape, not taken out of something. I think I've seen a shorter cut in better quality on TV. It's no given that they even recorded the whole appearance, as they didn't have dedicated staff back then.

    You can find blog entries about the Yamada tour, but it's not really that interesting ^_^;
  • mavmav
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    AKAIK, there are no publicly available videos of the entire event.

    Momoclo does reference this event numerous times in other videos though, and you can see more snippets of it. Check their National Olympic Stadium documentary, 24 hour livestream (I think the 2013 one), and also Momoclo's TV special where they view the National Olympic Stadium concert themselves.

    Their new promotion video for the National Olympic Stadium Box Set talks about their history, and there's about 10 seconds of footage of the tour starting from 0:12

    As for additional information, this is part of their "Yamada Denki Momoiro Typhooooon!" Tour to promote their first single "Momoiro Punch" in 2009. Yamada Denki is a chain store of electronic appliances (sort of like Radioshack if you're American). This was when they were still considered "underground" so they didn't have much of a budget. Momoclo took advantage of their summer vacation and the Summer ETC discount (which means you can use the freeway and travel anywhere at the cost of only 1000 yen) traveling around in a van for over 12000 kilometers and giving out over 120 free performances in the chain stores all over Japan. This is an important part of the "legends of Momoclo", as it represents one of their harsher challenges in their history. Some notable examples include sleeping overnight in the van, and giving a performance at night using headlights from the van since they didn't prepare lighting equipment.

    Here's a Google Map I created that highlights all the places Momoclo went to.

    Here's a site that has the setlists for every performance on the tour

    What's even more impressive about their Oricon daily ranking position is that since they were still an "indie" group, they did not have contracts with music distributors. This means that you won't find this single in stores anywhere, much less iTunes or Amazon. All sales of "Momoiro Punch" were done at these live events alone.

    Here's a few videos that were shot during the tour. Not the same event, but it'll give you an idea of how they were back then. There's only 5 people since Momoka joined Momoclo 3 days after this was filmed.

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    the adorable Aka-Rin conbi :D but funny how Reni is basically the heavy sleeper out of the five (until Momoka came in dead asleep even when woken up lol) and the girls had to sleep in the car and go to public baths. But it allowed them to bond more and work more in sync with one another. :D

    ....I wonder if they tried to wake Reni up considering Momotamai woke up a little before falling back asleep. She's quite a heavy sleeper X3
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    Just remembered, this segment where they talk about Momoclo's road to National Olympic Stadium also has a small snippet (Main segment 1:04)

    If you look closely you can see Momoka trying to learn the dance moves in the background since she joined mid-tour and didn't have time to learn the moves beforehand.
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    Thank you everyone so much for all the wonderful information and video links!

    This is great! Thank you thank you thank you!!