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    Credit to @Lurkette, taken from Hello-online Batten Show Jo Tai thread


    Stardust's newest unit from Fukuoka, "Stardust Promotion's group of outstanding talent that comes along once every 100 years," Batten Show Jo Tai. Their name means, "X-mark Girls Corp," formed just this past month. They started out earlier in the year with the temporary name of F-Girls with 7 members, but they've changed their name, dropped a member (Kinoshita Natsuki), and have just started their activities as a new unit and will be releasing their debut single, "Batten Show Jo," on 9/30. Although they come the Fukuoka branch of Stardust, they have stated that they will be representing all of Kyuushuu to spread all over Japan.


    Kiyama Ai
    "Bassho-chan's lovely husky"
    Color: Green
    Born: 2000.01.10
    Blood type: B
    Hometown: Fukuoka
    Height: 159 cm
    Hobbies: Dancing and singing
    Skills: One-handed cartwheels, back bridge

    Ueda Riko
    "Killer smile of a blackbelt"
    Color: Red
    Born: 2000.11.26
    Blood type: O
    Hometown: Fukuoka
    Height: 156.2 cm
    Hobbies: Karaoke, swimming
    Skills: Karate

    Haruno Kiina
    "Million dollar smile"
    Color: Yellow
    Born: 2001.07.18
    Blood type: A
    Hometown: Nagasaki
    Height: 155.9 cm
    Hobbies: Reading and writing, listening to music, skiing
    Skills: Swimming, recitation from memory

    Seta Sakura
    "Bassho-chan's miracle cherry"
    Color: Purple
    Born: 2002.02.02
    Blood type: O
    Hometown: Fukuoka
    Height: 151.5 cm
    Hobbies: Collecting character goods
    Skills: Drawing

    Nishigaki Arisa
    "Super~ Preeminent~ Innocent Prodigy Girl"
    Color: Pink
    Born: 2002.07.21
    Blood type: A
    Hometown: Yamaguchi
    Height: 151.7 cm
    Hobbies: Crafting, collecting cute things, walking with her bunny
    Skills: Kendama, making sweets, penmanship

    Hoshino Sora
    "Bassho-chan's tiny giant monster"
    Born: 2003.11.14
    Blood type: A
    Hometown: Tokyo (lives in Fukuoka)
    Height: 145.5 cm
    Hobbies: Reading and writing
    Skills: Dance, handstand, dodgeball, Ess board

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    Batten Showjo Tai succeed to Tanahashi-ism and their music genre is Ska-core.

    Tanahashi Hiroshi is one of the most famous professional wrestlers in Japan.