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    Brought forth from Stardust Promotion's 3B Junior (their idol training division), Rock A Japonica was originally known as the "King Records Unit." The five of them were chosen to receive a major debut under Evil Line Records, Stardust's division of King, which is also Momoiro Clover Z's record label. Though they still participate in 3BJr events, they are the only ones among the larger group to have major releases, MVs, and a full website. The name was chosen with the meaning of the group meant to ROCK the state of JAPONICA, and their intent is to shake up the Japanese music scene as a whole, not just idol music.


    The group has so far released 2 singles, debut "World Piece" and "Kyouka SHOCK!" (教歌SHOCK!). The group members do not have established member colors, but for the second single, they each represented different school subjects. The first single came in 3 editions, the second came in 7, 5 of which featured an individual member focus for their respective subjects. These editions also came with different B-sides, each of which had a different lead vocalist depending on the subject.



    Uchiyama Ami
    Nickname: Amipon
    Birthday: 2000.01.17
    Hobby/Skill: Exploring/winking
    Height: 152 cm
    Blood type: A
    Favorite food: Hot and fluffy white rice
    A phrase for the world: Smiling is number 1! Let's enjoy life! Sparkle
    Other trivia:
    - Represented the English subject in Kyouka SHOCK! and centered the song NEW CROWN
    - Is the younger sister of Silent Siren bassist Yamauchi Aina
    - Used to do acting work under the name Yamauchi Ami (山内亜美)
    - A former member of Stardust unit KAGAJO 4S, joining shortly before the group dissolved


    Naito Luna
    Nickname: LunLunPanPan (LunPan)
    Birthday: 2000.12.23
    Hobby/Skill: Meditation, acoustic guitar/Delusions
    Height: 147 cm
    Blood type: O
    Favorite food: Meat, fruit, miso
    A phrase for the world: GO! Fight! Win!
    Other trivia:
    - Represented the Japanese subject in Kyouka SHOCK! and centered the song Wagahai wa Hito de aru
    - Was the former leader of defunct Stardust group Minichia Bears, joining in 2010
    - Has appeared in various commercials and in the drama Akumuchan
    - Scouted for Stardust when she was 8


    Shiina Ruka
    Nickname: Ruttan
    Birthday: 2001.07.28
    Hobby/Skill: Drawing/Hula hoop
    Height: 155 cm
    Blood type: -
    Favorite food: Rice with grated yams
    A phrase for the world: I'll do my best to give even just one person a smile! I'm still inexperienced, but please treat me kindly!
    Other trivia:
    - Represented the science subject in Kyouka SHOCK! and centered the song Zenryoku Daijikken!
    - Was the only member of Minichia Bears to remain in the group from formation to dissolution, 2009-2014
    - Has appeared in commercials and TV dramas like Young Black Jack and Houkago wa Mystery to tomo ni
    - Seems to love mobile games like Love Live! and Puzzles & Dragons


    Takai Chiho
    Nickname: Chii, Chiichan
    Birthday: 2001.11.20
    Hobby/Skill: Listening to music, looking at idol blogs/penmanship
    Height: 145 cm
    Blood type: B?
    Favorite food: Tuna
    A phrase for the world: I recognize it and yet I still go at my own pace, but I'll be working towards my dreams one by one, so please support me!
    Other trivia:
    - Represented the math subject in Kyouka SHOCK! and centered the song Abracadabra Algebra
    - Was a former member of Minichia Bears
    - Listens to Babymetal, aside from other Stardust groups
    - Her parents and Misato's parents are good friends


    Hirase Misato
    Nickname: Mii, Miichan
    Birthday: 2002.08.06
    Hobby/Skill: Classical ballet, acrobatics (practicing (*^^)v)
    Height: 151 cm
    Blood type: AB
    Favorite food: Medium-fatty tuna with no wasabi, marshmallows
    A phrase for the world: I always have a smile. I love all of your smiles. Achieving the maximum smile~Miichan!
    Other trivia:
    - Represented the social studies subject in Kyouka SHOCK! and centered the song Yonaoshi Time Slip
    - Was a former member of Michia Bears
    - Has done ballet since she was 5
    - Is by her own description shy and timid, but is considered by many to be one of the best performers in 3BJr


    2016.09.07 - "3B junior First Album 2016" compilation album (features 3BJr songs and other 3BJr unit songs)

    2016.07.06 - "Kyouka SHOCK!" single

    2016.01.27 - "World Piece" single


    Kyouka SHOCK!

    World Piece

    And other short versions and clips on their YouTube channel.


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