[Single] 1st World Piece
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    September 2016
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    Regular Edition
    1, World Piece
    2, WEE FIGHT OH!!!!!
    3, Utaitai no Uta
    4, Bokutachi Watashi Iro

    Limited Edition
    CD + Blu-ray
    1, World Piece
    2, WEE FIGHT OH!!!!!
    3, Utaitai no Uta

    World Piece MV
    Utaitai no Uta MV

    Oricon 1st week sales
    15. *9,681 Rock A Japonica
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    September 2016
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    Since I'm paying attention to the recommendations of listening to 3BJr grous and we have this new thread I'm going to use it to post my impressions. I'm sure you guys already talked about it on the thread about all the groups together but I'm late for the party.

    I started with Rock a Japonica because I like their outfits, I'm shallow like that.

    1. World Piece
    The first seconds remind me of a Yurumerumo! song so that's good vibes from the start. I like the voices, they aren't using the overly "chipmunky" voices other idols use so it's really enjoyable. Not really a catchy (at least on a first listen) but it has the good vibe of "we're here and your going to love us". The guitar parts add something else, and followed by their voices with less instruments it makes the song really interesting.

    2. WEE FIGHT OH!!!!!
    This is going to be the song that gets stuck in my head. When they speed up is great at let me wanting to keep listening just so they do it again :)). I think there's a girl in particular who has a voice I like more, but knowing who she is will come in time. The song is a bit long but the sections are so different that it's worth listening to it whole. Loved it.

    3. Utaitai no Uta
    Cue to the "slow" song, not a ballad but slower than the others. Here's the voice I like the most again, who are you?! Her voice reminds me of Tokyo Girls Style. The song is cute and good to let them showcase more emotion. I'm going to assume it has a super-adorable choreo since it seems to let them shine on live performances.

    4. Bokutachi Watashi Iro
    Woooo how dare they leave this out of the Limited edition? Well, to sell more Regular editions I assume. Fantastic, this is what I love. They were slowly growing on me with the previous songs and then enter Bokutachi Watashi Iro to blow me away. Every time they get to the chorus it's brilliant. That moment when it built up before delivering the chorus one last time and then just music.... Amazing from beginning to end.

    Overall: I'll tell you when I go though the rest of the groups but this has to be the first best single for Stardust ever.

    Edit: I'm sad because I just saw the two songs that have MV are not my favorites.
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    Invader said:

    I started with Rock a Japonica because I like their outfits

    We all do.
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    Lurkette said:

    We all do.

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    ^ They are great dancers !!