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  • August 2017
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    It's been a while. I didn't know where to put this but this seemed like an appropriate place. As some of you know, I occasionally write about Momoclo on my Medium blog. It started out as a response to the No Dango No Party campaign because a lot of people were asking about the development and then writing about them became a thing. I don't have many posts - most of them are drafts but I have published a few (see below)

    Stylistically, my work is a bit of commentary and sappiness. Many of my Medium followers aren't fans so I wanted to write about the group in a way that they can relate to as well so often times, the work is based on lessons I've learned from the brand and or the girls themselves. Anyway, I just wanted to share my work with you all especially since I'm no longer on Twitter (for now muhhahaha). The next piece will be about Shiori - who I think is the most badass member in the group. Check the links below:

    How I Became A Fan of Momoiro Clover Z

    When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Like Kanako
    A piece about what I admire the most about Kanako

    Momoka (sappiness mostly lol):
    I Still Feel A Heartbeat
    My sappy letter to Madame Ariyasu

    No Dango No Party
    It's the story behind the 2015 hashtag.

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  • MM305
    August 2017
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    WOW! Great story! And I can relate to you in SOME ways when it came to discovering MCZ. I NEVER wanted to fall for such a dangerous group, but I just had to tolerate the negative aspects of such a group. Plus, as a grown straight male living in where I am, I'm in more of a dangerous situation for following MCZ (even if I tried not to care for other people's opinion/thoughts). Heck, I consider MCZ my BIGGEST guilty pleasure ever!

    I'm not gonna go the reasons why here (since I'm infamous for explaining myself numerous of times already), so if you would like to respond, SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE!!!
  • August 2017
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    Lovingly written entries :-)
  • August 2017
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    Thanks for reading the works! I appreciate it. I hope to write and finish Shiori's piece after my exams.