[TV] Waratte Iitomo 2012.06.04 Eng Sub
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    The facts on the board are:

    Average age 16.6 years

    The Yokohama 2 Days concert sold out in 3 minutes

    They have nerves of steel:

    In 2008 they played for 10 people

    For the first tour in 2009 Kawakami drove their van through the whole country. The girls and him even slept in there and used various public baths.

    Lots of celebrities among the fans.

    The concerts are so intense that the fans clamor for a break [from cheering] even when the girls don't.

    Aarin then tells some silly story about the origin of place names in an incredibly cute way.

    Finally the usual "how many out of a hundred" where the guest has to guess the number of people matching something. They go for three women having been confessed to in the last week. And that's exactly it, so they get the show-only phone straps.
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    Updated with Eng Sub
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    This was very informative and I loved seeing them on a different type of show. The host seems like a Regis Philbin/ Howard Stern type - it was funny how he teased the girls.

    Thanks for sharing & Subbing

    A-Rin's story was very cute about Kanda