Where/how and when did you discover momoclo?
    March 2015
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    When i see sailor moon crystal moon pride music video and i see momoiro clover z and i search it on google that momoiro clover z is etc

    so i thanks sailor moon crystal
    if there no sailor moon crystal i could not
    Know momoclo

    ilove momoclo very much
  • June 2015
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    Im an idol fan so ive known about them since they started to gain traction but i finally checked them out mid 2012. D-Densetsu caught my attention!!
  • EbichuEbichu
    July 2015
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    Wrote about it in my introduction, but I'll write it here again hehe~

    First discovered them when they had the ending song to Pokemon, mite mite kochichi and since I wanted to cosplay their costumes from that song I started listening to their other songs as well to know more about them~ The first, other, song that I watched the music video to was Z Densetsu, I remeber thinking that it was a very unique song compared to the other songs I had been listening to until then, and hoped that their other songs was just as amazing~ I was not dissapointed, and MomoClo are now my favorite group :D
  • TacoTaco
    July 2015
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    This exact video:

    A friend--who is not interested in idols at all but is very much a metalhead--sent me an email with the Youtube link. His subject line was "CHECK THIS S*** OUT!"

    Next thing I know, I'm down the rabbit hole.
  • dogsrdogsr
    August 2015
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    I'd been a casual fan of AKB48 for a couple of years. Their songs were hooky and pure pop but it was way better than American pop. I had ignored other JPop groups because I felt the AKB48 universe was plenty and I was afraid of becoming obsessed with another j-group. As I was trying to learn more about AKB, I came across an article that said something like "they're no Momoiro Clover Z" that linked to "Saraba" on YouTube. Having seen Momoclo mentioned many times before, curiosity finally got the best of me and I clicked the link. That was it - I was hooked. I replayed it over and over and I literally couldn't sleep that night. I had to turn my computer back on to watch it again and I needed to see and hear more. "Neo Stargate", "Birth 0 Birth", "Otome Sensou"; and then I saw a live video of "Roudou Sanka" from day one of Peach for the Stars and my senses were so overwhelmed I actually shed tears!

    I'd been a pop/rock musician and songwriter for 25 years and Momoclo blew my mind. The diversity of the songs, the complexity of the arrangements, the choreo, and the visuals are like nothing else. And that's BEFORE you get into the costumes, the fan interactions, the group history, and the personalities of the members. Momoclo is beauty and chaos at once. I describe them to people as "badasses" and "pure energy". It is not possible to be a casual fan of Momoclo.
  • September 2015
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    I just saw Otome Sensou in my recommendations list on Youtube. Yup, that's just about it....
  • September 2015
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    Like you know when it just came out :l
  • September 2015
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    few years ago....
  • September 2015
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    I'm a big baseball fan (and a Yankees fan), so I first saw them on the Tunnels no Minnasan appearance they did with Masahiro Tanaka.

    They were very funny, so I decided to check out a few more videos...only to discover some of the most original music not just in the idol world, or the J-pop world, but on the international music scene in general.

    They're probably the most impressive musical act I've seen since Amy Winehouse died.
  • ferizuferizu
    February 2016
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    I am an Arashi fan & first discover about them when they were guests on Arashi show (Himitsu & Vs Arashi).
    But at that time I just think of them are like other idol group.

    I am interested to know about them after their collaboration with Arashi on 2015 FNS. After watching 'Hajimete no Momoclo' documentary only then i realized they are totally different from other idol group and made me really admire them.

    I wish I liked them much earlier. I missed a golden opportunity to meet them when they performed in my country in 2012
    :(( :((
  • traukol
    April 2016
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    i used to love jpop from around 2000 to around 2008 and then for some reason stopped listening to Japanese music and went back to listening to Western music only until one day i read that Marty Friedman had collaborated with them (heavy metal and thrash metal were the first styles of music i got into as a kid and megadeth was/is my favorite thrash band), so i figured i'd check it out. Listened to the song (mugen no ai) and it completely blew my mind and thats how i discovered momoiro clover z
  • April 2016
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    I became a fan of Momoclo two years ago when I was searching YouTube for the MTV Sailor Moon special. I had never heard of them before and there video of their performance was one of the first few to pop up. The title was written in Japanese and I couldn't fully read it so I just clicked on it and the rest is history. I think they are so unique and unlike any group in Japan, or America, that I have ever seen. There really isn't a song of theirs I dislike. They definitely stand out from other idol groups and I cannot get enough of them. I listen to their music pretty much everyday. I am slowly working on buying their DVD's and it is my goal to own them all one day. My ultimate goal is to fly to Japan to see them live but from what I understand, it isn't really possible to purchase a ticket unless you live in Japan :/
  • April 2016
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    Just like a few other people here, it was the mugen no ai video for me. Wasn't until 2015 though. Saw link to it when I was reading about marty friedman.
    still love mugen no ai and otome sensou even though they are the songs I have probably listened to the most. One of my favourite bands if Queen, so many Momoclo songs sounds like Queen if you replaced all the overdubbed guitar parts with girls singing hah.
  • April 2016
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    I guess I'm the only one that discovered them through Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F. I knew there was going to be a J-Pop group singing the ending credits song and at the time I really didn't know who they were or anything of the sort. When I first heard "Z" no Chikai, I didn't really pay attention to it due to the awesome movie that just got through playing so I didn't really think much about it. A few days later I was at home listening to some Hironobu Kageyama's DBZ music on YouTube and I saw Cha-La Head-Cha-La by Momoiro Clover Z and I thought, wait thats the girls who did the ending song for the Frieza movie so I clicked on it and was amazed by how good it sounded, then i saw "Z" no Chikai come up on the related videos and there was a music video to it and thats when I fell in love with the group. A lot of peoples comments on the video were talking about how cheesy and weird it was, I thought it was great and it looked like they put a lot of work into it and it was great, that 5 minute video was 100x better than the DBZ live action movie that came out a few years back :-)) Really glad I found them though, such a great and talented group. Can't wait to see more of them in the future.
  • MM305
    August 2016
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    Long overdue, but here's my story:

    I first got introduce to Japanese music back in August 2014 from a metal girl group known as BABYMETAL. I discovered them from watching the FineBros when they did a video called "Youtubers React to Babymetal". From that time on, I could have not name ANY music act (Japanese/American/etc.) that I have been OBSSESSED with as much as them. Because of them, I managed to find out about other Japanese music acts from ther reddit page and posts about famous Japanese acts, buto nly ended up listening to certain ones like: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, One OK Rock, Perfume, X Japan, Dir En Grey, and Daichi Miura.

    But one of the Japanese acts that I have heard of was of course, Momoiro Clover Z. But although I first heard of the group at that time, I didn't really get into them much. That was, until January 2016, when I was just sitting one day and randomly felt curious about MCZ's collaboration they did with KISS after hearing/reading about it a year efore. So, for curiousity sake, I clicked and watched through the whole thing and.....WOW! Remember when I said that I could not have name a ANY music act that I have been OBSSESSED with as much as BABYMETAL? Momoiro Clover Z just became the group that not only match that obsession, but made that obssession grew more and more as the months went by after finally watching them (to the point where now I rarely follow BABYMETAL, but I would still listen every now and then).

    Bottom line, whether I want to be or not, I am to this day OBSESSED with the weekend heroine, Momoiro Clover Z!!!
  • January 2018
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    This is a good thread to resurrect, I think.

    So my discovery of MCZ was a 3-pronged attack! And honestly, I can't recall exact dates and times, but rather just...benchmarks, I guess?

    The 1st time I'd ever heard of them was around the summer of 2012. I was browsing various fansub sites I regularly visited for my tokusatsu and anime fixes, and I stumbled upon a fansubbed Mite Mite Kocchichi MV. It was cute and catchy, but not enough to make me care enough to look up more about MCZ (and honestly, I mostly forgot about them after watching it). Still, the seed was planted.

    Not too long after that, while watching the incredibly awesome and hilarious Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger, I learned that a character who made a cameo appearance in the 12th episode was from a movie by the same director: Tasaki Ryuuta. The movie was Salvage Mice. Being a huge Akibarager fan, I had to watch the movie. And at the ending credits of that movie, a song played: Bionic Cherry. Once again, I found this song catchy and cute, but not enough to bother looking up the artists.

    Finally, sometime the following year, I had started getting into dancing...sort of. Basically, I discovered Japanese street dancing (basically line dancing in public...sort of) and thought it was one of the coolest things, and I wanted to do it...sort of. So I convinced a couple of friends of mine that it was fun and would be good exercise and since all 3 of us sucked at dancing, this would help train us to be better! So I scoured YouTube and Nico Nico each week for songs and dances that I thought were cool, recorded DVDs, and brought them to my friend's house and we would watch them and try to dance along with them. Actually, as a quick aside, Akibaranger was what opened my awareness of this kind of dancing in the first place, because a character on that show is a famous dancer: Kozue Aikawa, but that's a story all it's own. Anyway, one day I found a video that some teens danced that I thought was pretty awesome and hilarious. This was their interpretation and cover; MCZ's voice was there but the teens made their own funny video with them doing various antics while lip syncing. I didn't bother to pay attention to the song's name or the original artists, but did save it to DVD for the coming day's dance session. After we danced to it, and I paid more attention to the lyrics, I fell more and more in love with the song, and decided that I HAD to find out who the artists were.

    Anyhow, long story short (too late!) my ears picked up the name "Momoiro Clover," and I had a faint memory of hearing that name somewhere before. After Googling for a bit, I found the actual MV for it, and I became a fan of them instantly. That song was Z Densetsu: Owarinaki Kakumei. It was so Super-Sentai-esque! After Googling some more, I found a fansubbed version of the song (loved the lyrics even more now that I understood them all) as well as a fansubbed Ikuze! Kaitō Shōjo, which I also instantly loved. And after not visiting that site for a while, the one where I found Mite Mite Kocchichi originally, I found it again which is when I realized THAT was where I had 1st heard the name of MCZ. After that fateful day, I basically looked up and ordered as many of their CDs as I could find. This was shortly after 5th Dimension was released. As I listened to each song, I ran into Bionic Cherry, and then it ALL came together, as I remembered it from Salvage Mice.

    So have I been a fan from the Summer of 2012 or Spring of 2013? Well, I didn't KNOW I was a fan until 2013, but I think it's safe to say that I was destined to be one from 2012. LOL!

  • January 2018
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    That's certainly a rather unusual story :)