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  • November 16
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    The only positive thing that comes with this name change is the fact that it's a good moment to create their own category
    It was simply to difficult (if even possible) to promote a thread to category

    Here's the former thread with all infomation on Sakura Ebis:

    momomofu said:

    Sakura Ebis changed group's name to "ukka".

    November 16
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    Wtf why? Sakura Ebis sounds just fine.
  • November 17
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    I have to admit that my first reaction was, "What the ukka?"

    I wonder if there was a legal conflict with the name "Sakura Ebis" (for example, if it turned out that someone else already had rights to the name).

    On the other hand, it turns out that there's a rather nice-looking restaurant called 鬱花 (ukka) in Nagoya.
  • November 17
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    and a company selling food products -
    and that other music artist -

  • November 17
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    Shiokoji Shiori Tamai x Konosuke Sakazaki no Odaiba Folk Mura #5 with Sakura Ebis (now ukka) & Moeka Suzuki (Amefurasshi) - November 12, 2019 (1080i) (1080i) (720p)

    image image image

    4. Sakura Ebis - Sore wa Getsuyoubi no 9ji no you ni (それは月曜日の9時のように) [Sakura Ebis]
    16. All - Furaibo (風来坊) [Fukinotou]
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    November 18
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    New outfit