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  • untaloeuntaloe
    July 2012
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    hai welcome here /hi

    yeah you're not the eldest one in here, if eyeless know what I mean /nyahaha
  • dashuudashuu
    July 2012
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    NAME: Karo
    DATE OF BIRTH: 840326
    LOCATION: germany
    GENDER: f
    ABOUT ME: kpop & jpop girlbands fan, movie addict
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: eeeverything
    Your favorite member: momoka
    Your favorite band/singer/group: SNSD, AKB48 & sistergroups, Momoclo, Kara, Momosu, Amuro Namie, Ayu
    Your favorite song: too many
    Your favorite actor/actress: benicio del toro, mark ruffalo, eddie redmayne, cha tae hyun
    Your favorite movie/drama: the avengers
  • untaloeuntaloe
    July 2012
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    ^ wooah from germany?

    welcome here karo /hi
  • July 2012
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    hello karo , ur from germany wow i bet u see them in dortmund~ did u manage to take pictures with them cause i saw a video where germany fans got to interact and take pictures with momoclo. and i like both k-pop and j-pop at the same time same as you /nyahaha
  • dashuudashuu
    July 2012
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    you guys are so cute! ^^

    yes I saw their concert last year. wrote about it here: viewtopic.php?p=935#p935

    you can actually see me in the youtube videos of it veeery often LOL , ... re=related
    first appearance at 2:21 with the long hair and the red light stick :D

    I didnt meet them though because I was there for a short time only, the actuall concert.
    I wouldve loved to stay a day longer (they did an interview the day after) or arrive earlier, but i couldnt manage to. :(
    It was very surreal when I later found pictures of momoclo, shopping in a supermarket I often went to, posing here & there, places I know.
    If I had knew them better at that time, I would most definately made an effort & stalked the girls the entire time they stayed here XD
    especially if I had lived in dortmund at the time, but I´m actually moving there in a couple of weeks
  • July 2012
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    Karo, thats great you got to see them live! Hope I can see them some day too.

    I got to see AKB48 (only 16 of them) here in Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival this year. It was a blast, my friend and I managed to get front row center seats too.

    Eyeless, I went ahead and pre-ordered the box set. Now I cant wait either!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, and I guess I'm glad not to be the oldest here...haha. /walk

  • July 2012
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    NAME: sleepyleepy
    DATE OF BIRTH: 09 april
    LOCATION: Indonesia
    GENDER: male
    ABOUT ME: still need to find the real me
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their live performances, awesome
    Your favorite member: kanakoo :)
    Your favorite band/singer/group: too many,,
    Your favorite song: too many,, but i often listen to acchan, akb48, their sub group, and momoiro clover z
    Your favorite actor/actress: too many
  • eyelesseyeless
    July 2012
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    Ah .. acchan48 member /nyahaha

    Welcome here! /hi
  • July 2012
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    Welcome to all of you :)
  • July 2012
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    Hello, a friend of mine was kind enough to give me some of his MCZ goods (just a copy of Otome Sensou and some photos), you can say that really reeled me in. And after losing touch with a certain idol group, you can say i'm ready to dive in to Momoclo "full-time", something that i should have done earlier. I've been aware of them for more than a year now, but I guess the timing is right for me now that I genuinely LOVE them now. \o/

    NAME: hibachifinal
    DATE OF BIRTH: 09/02
    ABOUT ME: Design, Videogames, Guitar
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: They have a very big sound and a very lively persona.
    Your favorite member: Kanako
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Number Girl
    Your favorite song: Quite a lot....
    Your favorite actor/actress: Also quite a number...
    Your favorite movie/drama: All About Lily Chou-chou

    still a newb though, be kind :3
  • eyelesseyeless
    July 2012
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    Welcome to the club /nyahaha

    and welcome to this forum /yup
  • kei_86
    July 2012
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    welcome hibachifinal~!
  • Paco
    July 2012
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    Welcome hibachifinal!

    "Your favorite movie/drama: All About Lily Chou-chou"

    Good taste! ;-)
  • yveliiyvelii
    July 2012
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    France - Nantes
    Mmmh, motivated, passionated and not able to speak well english
    Their awesome concerts, personalities, energy and proximity
    This times... Momoiro Clover Z !
    Haaa, difficult choice... Wich song I prefer... Lost child or Nippon no banzai... or wani to shampoo... or chai maxx... I don't know
    Really, I don't know, but I love Tarantino's movies
    Pulp Fiction I guess... But there is so much movies, like Momoclo's songs

    Hi everyone,

    I was to the show of Momoclo in Paris (before, I make this website : and now I really want to be more near to the band and the momonofus.
    I hope I will enjoy to be with you :)

    See you ;)
  • eyelesseyeless
    July 2012
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    OMG! You have a very cool site. It has songs lyric + chants + videos /jump

    I recommend to visit his site
  • July 2012
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    hihi i thought i should introduce myself for my first post i guess??

    NAME: Tsundere-- or I go by Chiri online so that works.
    DATE OF BIRTH: 17th June.
    LOCATION: Australia ;___;
    GENDER: Female
    ABOUT ME: I'm pretty boring hahaha. I've been reading zipper and kera magazine on and off for the past year(s) and that's how I found out about Momoiro Clover-- didn't think much of them back then and yeah I really got into them last year and haven't looked back since. I'm really into jfashion and anime too surprisingly.
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: E-Everything.... I love their unique voices mostly. I don't know what it is about their voices they just stand out and sound so much nicer than a lot of the other idol groups I've tried to get into. How weird their costumes and PVS are really nice too yeah. The energy around them too.
    Your favorite member: Changes all the time...... At the moment it's Momoka and Shiori.
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Other than Momoiro Clover Z uh... Perfume, Kyary PamyuPamyu, Fujifabric.
    Your favorite song: At the moment it's Wani to Shampoo, Ame no Tachikara wo and Otome Sensou. Also Sweet Donuts & Attraction (Perfume), Drinker and Oyasumi (Kyary) and Tsurezure Monochrome (Fujifabric)
    Your favorite actor/actress: Naka Riisa * u* So many people don't like her and I don't know why? Saw her in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and thought she was pretty good. Also Yamamoto Yusuke ; v;
    Your favorite movie/drama: I really haven't watched that many dramas at all... I started to get into them and then gave up. Probs Yankee-kun because it was one of the only ones I finished that I really enjoyed.
  • eyelesseyeless
    July 2012
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    Welcome here mate /hi

    Enjoy your stay
  • yveliiyvelii
    July 2012
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    Thank you eyeless :)

    And welcome Tsundere, as you can see me too i'm new here ^^

    Ho, and because my website enjoyed you, I made this one this night :
    You were not in Paris, but maby will you like it ? :)
  • July 2012
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    Hi everyone, I have been a fan for almost a year now,and I am so glad I stumbled across this forum I've been trying to find MomoClo forum for a while and I am glad I stumbled across here.

    DATE OF BIRTH:June, 11 1984
    ABOUT ME:Nothing really to special. I likes Video Games and Anime, I also love MomoClo and AKB.
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?:I love their energy, the awesome musical style they have that gives them a different feel from other jpop groups. I think all around they offer so much talent, energy, an dedication,
    Your favorite member:Momoka Ariyasu
    Your favorite band/singer/group:Momoiro Clover Z, AKB48, Linkin Park
    Your favorite song:Top 3: #1 Chai Maxx, #2 Otome Sensou, #3 Coco Natsu
    Your favorite actor/actress:None in paticular
    Your favorite movie/drama:Star Wars

    Hope to chat with you all soon.
  • yveliiyvelii
    July 2012
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    Welcome :)