Why are you a fan of Momoclo?
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    1) How did you find out about Momoclo?
    2) What made you a fan of Momoclo?
    3) What do you like most about Momoclo?
    4) Favorite Member and why?

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    To answer my own question:

    1) I've been introduced to Japanese music many months due to BABYMETAL (being the first act), and diverge into other acts like One Ok Rock, Daichi Miura, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, X Japan, and Dir En Grey. Becauser of this, I first heard of Momoclo before (even checked out th Ikuze song), but didn't really bothered with them at the time.

    2) Couple of weeks ago, I decided to check out the song they did with KISS, and that's when the Momoclo ride had began for me!

    3) I can’t really say, because I still wonder how I ended up being obsessed with them despite being turned off at first. All I can is that they are indeed my BIGGEST guilty pleasure!

    4) Read my past long post on my own thread that is titled “My Honest Feelings about Aarin” (the one with the SPOILER box and starts with “I know”.)
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    1) Saw them on Tunnels no Minnasan. I was aware they existed, before, but wasn't really interested in some random idol group.
    2) Originally, I just liked that they were funny, and went along with the jokes on variety shows I saw them on. It took me a while, but eventually I got around to listening to their albums. That's when I became a fan.
    3) Their live performances (concerts and studio performances like Folk Mura, both).
    4) Kanako...because unlike most so called "leaders", she leads rather than act like she's the boss. She does things the right way, allowing her peers to follow her lead...which is what a leader is supposed to do. Or because she has giant dimples. It's one or the other. Maybe both. They're both very rare qualities.
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    random post
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    1) I found about Momoclo from Otome sensou! Well, in early 2014 anyway lol. I watched it, but didn't really bother, cause well I didn't know idol groups even existed as I was an otaku. Then MOON PRIDE came, and I instantly became a fan because why not lol
    2) I became a fan by watching some of those Cranky Jam videos on youtube! I still watch them to this day :D
    3) I LOVE their constant effort and personalities! Unlike other groups who have double cute addicts and 3 leader types, Momoclo has some diversity (in personalities) and the lives look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My mom said I could finally go to one after I finish Middle school :D.
    4)Momoka because well she's adorable, her singing is awesome, and well I don't really know how I became a fan of her..... MUST BE MAGIC! I love how I could celebrate my birthday 3 days before hers, oh so many reasons why I luv the tiny giant.
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    1) Before kind of merging into Japanese culture and idols as a whole, I primarily loved anime. Like, a lot. Nowadays it's Japan itself that I love, but before my discovery of Momoclo and thus learning more about Japan and Japanese culture in general, I was simply an anime fan. Don't get me wrong, back then too I loved J-Pop, but with the exception of Babymetal I did not listen to a single artist that was not an anison artist. So, I found out about their existence through Sailor Moon Crystal back in 2014. Really late in the game lol. I sorta liked Moon Pride, but it wasn't really thaaaat great (I still am not crazy about it), so I took it at face value and didn't pursue them any further. I did think their name was interesting, though... What's with the "Z"? but in the end, initial exposure was not strong enough to elicit any further intrigue in the group. Until...

    2) ...they collaborated with Dragon Ball Z. Ever since I was a kid in like the fifth grade years and years back, I fell in love with Dragon Ball and that passion still has not faded. I cannot imagine my life without it. When I heard that "Momoiro Clover Z", an idol group, was to sing the theme song for the new movie in 2015, it sparked an immediate interest. When I heard the one minute preview of Z no Chikai, I was amazed. I can't even describe how much I love it even to this day, it was just... love at first listen (?), I guess. Immediately I began to listen more and more until I unexpectedly acquired their entire discography! I was absolutely hooked, and only began to love them even more dearly once I got to know more about them.

    3) There is way too much to say about what I love about Momoclo. I could write a book about it. Before this, with the exception of very few artists/bands etc., I would never be able to listen to anyone for very long before finding something else to take over, but with Momoclo, it became the group that I could never ever get tired of, and I probably never will. Their music is not of a single genre. Anyone who demeans them because they fall under just "J-Pop" clearly has not heard them. They have covered pretty much every genre there is to cover. And they opened my eyes to the world of not only idols, but Japanese music outside of anime as a whole (for example, all the other Stardust groups, and a lot of Showa idols and artists). But the thing I love the very most about them, the one thing overall, is the girls themselves. Every one of them is a dear treasure to my heart. The group cannot function without the souls attached to it. Momoclo, the girls, cannot ever be replaced by anyone. It still pains me that Akarin left, but then again, it doesn't, because she became very happy in the end. And I love her too. Everyone brings something to the table and it feels oddly different when they are all together as opposed to not, like on Momoclo-Chan or solo events. When I say "I love Momoclo", I don't think of the group as a single unit, I mean that I love the members individually for who they are and how far they've come since the beginning. These girls are true (Weekend) Heroines, in my book. If you want a rags to riches success story, there you have it. Very inspiring.

    4) Momoka is and always will be my number one, Aarin a close second. At heart I'm an Aarinyasu-oshi lol. When I was asked by a Japanese fan "why do you like Momoka?" I couldn't think of anything. I just said "uh... she's cute!" and everyone laughed. But now that I can actually think of really why Iove her the most, I guess it's a lot like AMomonofu, I have no idea how I became a fan of her in particular, it just happened. Her singing voice truly has a lot of potential and I like her diverse use of her voice, sometimes deep, sometimes high. I also love that despite the fact that that she is the "slightly stupid" Little Giant, (watch the first few "Who's the Master Artist?" Momoclo-Chan segments for the best and most hilarious examples) she tried so hard to study a lot, and I love that despite her problems with pronunciation, she doesn't let it get to her and has actually become a charming and cute aspect of her. Personally, I loved how despite being so afraid and nervous at the pre-concert Anime Expo event, she got out of her shell for a little to stand on stage with Lak and me in front of all these intimidating foreign faces, and even more so that she persevered and performed greatly with everyone at the concert itself. That's the gist of it, but like any love, the entirety is simply unexplainable. You just DO love your favourite.
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    1) I have seen them first in a concert dedicated to the upcoming release of remake "Sailor Moon" in spring 2014. Particularly I was hooked by song "Mugen no Ai"
    2) A lot of songs with very interesting designed vocal parts and intonations of each individual member
    3) Performances, of cause. And wonderful selection of songs
    4) Shiorin. Because she's brilliant idol. Stardust Genius, what more can I say))
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    1) I found out about and started following Momoclo around the time that Ikuze was coming out, and really liked their indie stuff. But when Pinky Jones came out I totally bailed because I didn't like the direction they went in at all. Buuuuut I ended up back here anyway.
    2) A year and a bit ago I started getting into Ebichu, which then lead me to Syachi, which then led me to Taconiji. Having been an irrational hater for several years, I was resistant to trying to get back into Momoclo. But then I watched Tohjinsai and completely gave in, basically all in one go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops
    3) My favourite thing about them is probably how down to Earth they are? During my avoidance of them I'd assumed they must've gotten cocky from their fame, but even now they just seem like somewhat average girls who never take their work for granted. That attitude is just incredibly admirable to me, and makes me proud of them for coming this far.
    4) My oshi is Kanako, no reason because that's just how oshimen work imo
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    1) I had stumbled across Perfume a few years ago, and found their live shows pretty fun to watch. A little while before 5th Dimension came out I was reading about Perfume's performance at Summer Sonic that year. The writer also mentioned that Momoclo was probably the most promising rising act at the festival that year, and that Mirai Bowl was quite an unusual and progressive song; being quite into progressive or weird music, I got kind of interested and looked up the video. That kind of leads to part 2...

    2) So Mirai Bowl was pretty cool, but it didn't really blow me away. I thought it was interesting enough to click on some links to other Momoclo stuff though, and I soon heard Z Densetsu. It was around then that I could tell that this group's music really was something special. A while later, I heard Mugen no Ai, and being a huge fan of Rhapsody of Fire (on a side note, if you like Mugen no Ai and Moon Pride, you should really give Rhapsody a look), I thought it was just the greatest thing that this silly J-pop group had made a pretty solid power metal song. I was completely sold on Momoclo by then.

    3) Their music is just on another level compared to most other idols, or even pop acts in general. You can really hear how much effort went into a lot of these compositions from all the little details like the string instrumentals in Moon Pride. Their experimental style and willingness to frequently try new genres also appeal to me a lot. On top of that, they also give some of the best live shows, have tons of personality, and are genuinely likable people as far as I can tell. They really hit all the targets you'd want an idol group to go for. I also like that Momoclo has shown that idols can be successful mostly just by delivering quality material, rather than cynically relying on the hardcore wota to throw money at their oshis regardless of what the product is like. I think they helped pave the way for a new model of how to run an idol group, and it's a nice alternative to just trying to copy the 48G.

    4) After getting to know Momoclo for a while, it had to be Momoka. She's too funny and quirky for it to be anyone else, although Kanako is a close second.
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    For new fans, feel free to explain why you became a fan of MCZ?