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  • February 2014
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    A thread for translations of Momota Kanako's blog entries. For a complete archive, visit ~here~
  • February 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Tobikkiri on Setsubun!?
    Posted on 2014-02-04 01:26:09


    On Setsubun, we eat ehomaki in the morning, then do bean throwing at the workplace and at home-!!

    Tomomi-n was the demon at the workplace! (laugh)

    And then, at home, it was Mummy's turn this year to be the demon-! (laugh)

    Demons- Out-!!

    And then,
    on my way home from Nippon Broadcasting,
    I passed by a place with burdock roots...

    As a mark, I roughly counted out as many beans as the age of the burdock, and used them to spell out a message! (。-∀-) Hehe

    Did everyone notice-?

    Have a delicious one-! ( ̄▽ ̄)♪♪

    And then, Takagi and Ariyasu
    performed at Tobikkiri! Shizuoka today (((o(*゜▽゜*)o))) Yahoo---!!!

    ...Eh? What about me-? (laugh)

    Hey there!


    the true Shizuoka native!! O-i. (laugh)

    They even gave me a call and said "We're in Shizuoka now-!". (laugh)

    But it's great that they had fun ( ̄▽ ̄)♪

    I've gotten it down on tape, ready to watch! (´▽`)

    1. Setsubun is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan. The name literally means "seasonal division", and is celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival.
    2. Ehomaki is a sushi roll usually eaten on Setsubun.
    3. One traditional practice of Setsubun is to throw roasted beans either out the door or at a member of the family wearing a demon mask, while saying "Demons out! Luck in!".
  • February 2014
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    Momota Kanako: The real Momota's summer vacation!!
    Posted on 2014-02-17 00:45:14




    It's so cold- It's so cold- image

    It's been so cold these days around here.

    You'd like me to help you warm up?

    OK- I'll do it!

    I'll give you warm feelings!


    By uploading some photos from summer last year. (laugh)

    These were taken when the Momota family and the Tamai family went on a trip together!
    Well, in truth
    Shiori learnt about the Momota family trip
    and so the Tamai family joined us midway ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)

    We went to Nagatoro
    where I did filming for "Momota's summer vacation" a while back-!

    And then, Momota had a real summer vacation there!! (´∀`)

    Do you feel warmer now? (laugh)

  • AzureusAzureus
    February 2014
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    Ahh now I remember this episode of MomoCo-chan special where two of them went on a "date". They ate some barbecue and went on a raft boat down that river. They also tried a maneuver to see if they can get on the raft boat, while on the water, with out help. After some tries, they manage to do it.


    Found the video.


  • February 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Later on!
    Posted on 2014-02-21 21:12:44

    At 9pm~ Takeshi no Nippon no Mikata!

    Please watch it (*゜゜)

  • February 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Now.
    Posted on 2014-02-22 16:27:16





    I'm in the midst of filming.

    Thanks to everyone who watched UStream!

    As I promised on UStream, here are the photos ( ̄▽ ̄)

    Taka-san's so direct image (laugh)

    And then, I've cut my hair-!

    And Kawakami-san's treasure,
    and hair/make-up stylist D-san's legs. (laugh)

    Then, Kawakami-san and Tomomin!

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: It's too late for that!
    Posted on 2014-02-27 00:11:36




    You may tell me that-

    But I'm still going to write about it! (laugh)

    EX Theatre 2days (´∀`)

    Day 1 was "Momoiro Yobanashi Second Night “Gentou”"

    It was a slightly mature concert, with no dance and the main focus on singing!

    It was really so nervous, performing with a live band image

    I performed Nakajima Miyuki-san's "Sorafune"!
    And then, Reni, Shiori and I
    turned into THE ALFEE-san
    and sang "Hoshizora no Distance"! (´∀`)

    Reni was Sakurai-san, as usual!
    Shiori was Takamizawa-san!
    And I was Sakazaki-san (*゜▽゜*)

    Fufu ( ^^)
    It was so much fun~ ♪

    And then,
    we did a collab with Kume Akira-san and Karashima Midori-san!

    Kume-san's narration and Karashima-san's singing
    made my heart clench hard in my chest.

    That was Day 1.

    So, Day 2-!!!

    "Oshiiro Manhattan image ~Nantekotta Pannacotta~"

    In contrast, Day 2 was more like the usual Momoclo concert~!!

    ...Or not. (laugh)

    We decided to do a concert with all of us switching colours! And it was to be decided through lottery on stage!

    I took on the purple role!!!

    And it wasn't just a costume change.
    We changed singing parts too!

    But her part is tough. (laugh)

    And then, everyone commented that I looked more mature in purple (。-∀-) Heheh

    But Takagi-san looks so childish even in purple... Oh well! (laugh)

    I was joking, Reni-chan ( ̄▽ ̄) image
    I love Reni's parts, so I was really happy to sing them (*´`*)

    Through changing colours, I came to realize some things
    But the main realization was that image colours are a really strong thing in Momoclo! (laugh)

    A long time ago, when our colours were first decided upon
    And I put on a red costume for the first time
    This staff member
    told me that it was refreshing, because I seldom wore red-!
    I remember how we talked about it feeling somehow weird, too

    And then, I remember her telling me
    to "please become a girl who looks great in red"!

    Thinking of that now makes me want to see her again (^^)

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Sailor Moon (*^^*)
    Posted on 2014-02-28 00:36:56





    Today, we went to ZeppTokyo
    to perform at a Sailor Moon event (´∀`)

    It's been a long time since we've gone to ZeppTokyo!
    Going there really reminded us of our 3 performances at ZeppTokyo- And all us members starting getting excited over nostalgic things (。-∀-)

    Live House was great!! (*゜▽゜*)

    Because it was a Sailor Moon event,
    Reni became Sailor Moon!! (´艸`)

    The quality of the eye make-up was superb!!! (laugh)

    We performed 5 songs, including Moonlight Densetsu and Tuxedo Mirage, available in the Sailor Moon album (*^^*)

    And then, DJ Tamai and rapper Momota took over the show halfway through ( ̄ー ̄)

    Yes, comedy! (laugh)

    Wow-- We really sweated so much (´∀`)

    Thank you ♪

    Ah! The hairpieces we wore today
    are the same ones we wore for the BLT cover photoshoot. It'll be on sale at Kokuritsu's Teshiro Park!
    by kind-san. (laugh)

    It's based on the Mirai Bowl costume!! So girls~! Please get one for yourself (^^) image

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Momoclo-chan
    Posted on 2014-03-04 23:59:25


    It seems like yesterday marks the active period for both Momoiro Clover and Momoiro Clover Z!

    Wow, we've been doing lots of activities-! (laugh)

    Ever since we changed our name,
    activities for Z had started coming in without pause, so I only just realized it now. (laugh)

    nothing was in vain!

    And then, Kokuritsu is finally approaching!

    Lessons have begun too,
    and Momoclo is totally in Kokuritsu mode!!!

    That excited but nervous feeling that I have before every big concert is really strong now (*゜-゜)

    And then, the time has come
    for my family to start interrogating me about the setlist. (laugh)

    Everyone's imagining the setlist,
    telling me which songs they'd like to hear. (laugh)

    I just listen with a smile (。-∀-)

    Fufufu (*´艸`)

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: SL!!!
    Posted on 2014-03-08 00:26:03






    we went to Kamai City in Iwate Prefecture to take part in the departure ceremony for the Michinoku SL Galaxy!!!

    The SL is so cool-!!!!!
    Both the interior and exterior are so trendy-looking
    It somehow feels like a movie set!

    And the orgel music that played before the announcement was so calming (´-`)☆

    Then we cut the tape (*゜゜*) Performed "Hashire!" on the SL and even played morning rock, paper, scissors with the passengers (´∀`)

    Lastly, we performed a mini live
    on a specially constructed stage at Toono Station!

    We performed
    Kasou Dystopia and Tsuyoku tsuyoku ヽ(*^^*)ノ

    It was so much fun~ ♪(´∀`)

    I got to experience so many precious things!!!!

    The Michinoku SL Galaxy runs all the way to Ueno Station!!!

    Maybe we'll meet everyone on the SL someday (*^^*)

  • MrGoatMrGoat
    March 2014
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    They played Hashire?! The passengers are even luckier than we first thought! >_<

    Momota Kanako: SL!!!
    Posted on 2014-03-08 00:26:03

    Maybe we'll meet everyone on the SL someday (*^^*)

    Don't tempt us Kanako. v_v

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Kokuritsu-!!!!!!
    Posted on 2014-03-20 00:23:26





    Thank you to everyone
    for the 2days at Kokuritsu!!!

    It's been some time since the concerts
    Has everyone gotten out of the mood yet?

    I'm still stuck in the mood. (laugh)

    To those who came to the venue
    and those who watched the LV
    and those who showed us support or help
    in some form or another,
    I'm just so full of gratitude to everyone!!

    Both days had great weather too
    And holding a concert under the blue sky felt great ヽ(´▽`)/

    This Kokuritsu live
    illustrates Momoclo's
    past, present and future!

    Wow, watching past videos
    really makes me feel more mature ( ̄▽ ̄) Heheh

    I never thought that we would be able to perform live at Kokuritsu!

    Of course,
    our dreams and goals have changed somewhat
    but the basis of it
    hasn't changed at all (^^)

    That's true in the past, right now, and in the future too
    Yes! ( ̄▽ ̄)

    That's all!

    That's all~ ♪
    That's all~ ♪
    That's~all~ ♪

    Ah, I got carried away! (laugh)

    I want to shout it out again 7 years later-!!

    By the way!
    Out of all the balloons released in the sky during the songs, 1000 of them contain flower seeds ( ゛)☆

    I hope they'll grow and bloom with energy (*^^*)

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Hello (^^)
    Posted on 2014-03-22 16:49:48




    So warm~ (^^)

    Today is the 2nd day
    of the international 3-day break!

    Is everyone out now? ( ̄▽ ̄)

    As for me~
    I was huddled up relaxing at home all morning (*´艸`)

    Eating lunch~
    Snacking while reading magazines~

    I just l-o-v-e relaxing in a sunlit room ♪

    And then, when I was on the train just now, I heard some commuters near me talking about Momoclo! (laugh)

    Aarin this, Aarin that,
    Hey! I'm right here, you know-! (laugh)

    I really wanted to join in the conversation!

    (*´艸`) Fufu

    So happy~ ♪

  • March 2014
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    Momota Kanako: By the way!
    Posted on 2014-03-25 23:03:40





    It's time to dress up in the costumes for the new song! ( ̄▽ ̄)

    Let me introduce the costume for "Naitemo iin da yo"
    to be released 8 May (´艸 `)

    When Kawakami-san first asked us what kind of costumes we'd like for the next single (*´艸`)
    I suggested having a cute costume with a simple design!! (laugh)

    Well...It's not really simple, is it? (*゜▽゜*) (lol)

    It's a mixture of cool and cute elements (´艸`)

    And it looks really wonderful with the choreography ♪

    To think that Nakajima Miyuki-san would write a song for us...

    The song and its message are both really strong and cool
    It's a really powerful, gentle and warm song
    that will touch the bottom of your heart!

    I hope for everyone to hear it soon (´`)

    It'll be the theme song for Akumu-chan, and will be revealed on 3 May!

    Please look forward to it~ ♪

  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Waratte ii tomo!
    Posted on 2014-03-31 23:43:29

    It's just so lonely (;;)

    So thankful that such a wonderful programme has invited us to appear so many times!!!

    Think I'll go try out the Tamori-style bath technique that I learnt from Tamori-san today!!

  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Tama, Sasa, Momo
    Posted on 2014-04-01 23:03:48




    Shiori and Aarin have been talking about wanting to eat ramen since early morning

    So after work, Shiori, Aarin and I
    went to eat ramen!!
    After that, we strolled around and admired the cherry blossoms, then ate some delicious dessert before heading home (*´`*)

    Wow, it was so much fun (´∀`)

    And we chatted about our dreams and other random things. (laugh)

    Like how the 5 of us should all live together in the future ( ̄▽ ̄)

    That's gross (lolol) image

  • InvaderInvader
    April 2014
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    ^ Them living together would made for an entertaining TV show :)) But I think they'll go crazy (crazier) if they have to spend all their time together.

    I know some other groups have the girls in dorms, specially when they're beggining. I think it was best for Momoclo to live separately and have their space to grow as individuals.
  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Congrats!!!
    Posted on 2014-04-05 15:07:48


    To Maa-kun for being starting pitcher!!!

    I watched the match-!!!!

    You said during the interview that you weren't nervous,
    but I bet you were nervous, just a little, right? ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)

    At the beginning ( ̄▽ ̄) At the beginning ( ̄▽ ̄) At the beginning ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)

    I'm sure you would call me noisy!! (laugh)

    (*´艸`) Fufu image

    You were really cool (*^^*)


    And since today is Maa-kun Day,
    I wore a shirt with the letter M!!
    It wasn't a coincidence! (laugh)

    ♪It's not~ a coincidence~ but has~ a wonderful~ meaning~

    1. The last line comes from the lyric of "Hai to diamond".
  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Thank you Kokuritsu (^^)♪
    Posted on 2014-04-07 00:35:38




    I went to the Kokuritsu a few days ago to give thanks!

    Together with QJ-san (*^^*)

    I've heard that some Mononofu went to give thanks too (*^^*)

    The 2nd photo was taken right before the Kokuritsu live!
    And the 3rd photo was taken after the lives!

    Our expressions look totally different! (laugh)

    At the beginning, we were all raring to go,
    but for some reason, we both felt so refreshed at the end. (laugh)

    Even now, I still wonder
    "Did we really hold a concert right here?"
    I guess Kokuritsu...just has that effect on people!!

    Dear Kokuritsu-san
    Thank you for granting us...our miracle in your final days!!

    The time we spent at Kokuritsu, and that moment of giving thanks
    I'll never forget it!!

    So glad we got to know each other!!

    And then, let's continue to stay good friends.

    We'll meet again sometime!!!
    We'll go to meet you-! image

  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: A cute girl beside me
    Posted on 2014-04-09 20:22:48


    Darts no tabi! Now!
    Is everyone watching it too~? ( ̄▽ ̄)

  • April 2014
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    Momota Kanako: Wait a minute
    Posted on 2014-04-09 21:25:23

    I wasn't the one who wrote the title for the previous entry. (laugh)

    She is beside me right now,
    but she isn't cute. (laugh)

    Tamai-san and Momori kobuta-san
    changed the title without my consent (lolol)

    Sorry. Please continue to watch Darts no tabi. (laugh)